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A Habit That Brings Me Joy

Describe one habit that brings you joy.

One habit that brings me great joy is the pre- bedtime ritual I have with Mia Muffin, my little Yorkshire Terrier service/assistance animal. We go almost everywhere together: Places like work, grocery stores, malls, restaurants, parks, etc. She’s even visited many of the ancient historical sites of Greece. On the other side, she’s been with me to therapy, crisis centres and hospitals. As you can see, we’re true partners. (Through thick and thin!)

That’s why when the day comes to a close, I greatly appreciate our ritual. She’s a good girl and deserves all the tender loving care! No matter how strange, busy, happy or sad the day has been, that’s our time to decompress. Belly rubs, kisses and a lot of nose licking on her part. Mia brings me joy so any habit with her is bound to make me happier. Ending my day like that is a gift, and she herself is undoubtedly my miracle on earth.

Cute side note: Mia knows when it’s time for us to go to bed and she makes sure to remind me if I’m running late.

Mia in the hospital
Mia in an airplane
Mia at a temple in Greece
Mia being a scarf model at work
Mia working really hard 😂
Mia helping me with a Mental Health Expo
Mia ready for our daily ‘goodnight ritual’

Thanks for reading! I hope Mia’s cuteness brought a smile to your face!

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