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A Tribute to Tempest

Good morning everyone, I have two pieces of news but I will be posting them as separate articles out of respect for Tempest. I’m very sad to say that my smallest baby passed away yesterday. I hope that Tempest had a good life but the truth is that I regret having not spent enough time with her. I had just made a safe enclosure to let her spend time outside but didn’t have much time to use it. She deserved a freer life.

The reality is that life is short; for some of us more than others. Losing loved ones – both people and animal companions, is always a large blow. I’m trying to view it as a lesson to enjoy the time that we have with each other because we never know when that may end. Appreciate and cherish every second before it’s too late. As such, this is to celebrate Tempest’s life.

She was not just a Hamster, she was a living being with her own personality. She enjoyed napping and digging and was pretty feisty. Tempest liked climbing her cage and nibbling on it like a jail-break. That actually makes me sad…but she liked to scuttle around freely and pass through paper towel roll tunnels. She also felt safe around Piko, being able to eat from the same dish without fear. They were unlikely friends which is a message in itself.

To Tempest, you will always be part of our family and we’re grateful for having been with you. Rest in peace under the tree with fellow family members; BooBoo, Cactus, Kakki and DiggerPuff. I love you.

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