Emergency Resources

If you are feeling suicidal I urge you to call a suicide hotline. Here is a list of resources but look up a crisis hotline in your area if some of these numbers don’t work.


Crisis Services Canada

Kids Help Phone (Under 20)



National Suicide and Crisis Hotlines

The Recovery Village contacted me about sharing a link to a resource page they provide, and we think it may be helpful for you. Find it here: Mental Health First-Aid

RehabSpot informed me of their page which explains the frequent link between mental health issues and substance use. Visit Dual Diagnosis in Drug Rehab for more information.

Alcohol Help reached out to me to share their page on the impacts of alcohol abuse on mental health. See https://www.alcoholhelp.com/alcohol/the-effects-of-alcohol-abuse/ for more details.



International Association for Suicide Prevention


I apologize for anything that’s missing; I’m sure there are many more resources that you can quickly find to get help as soon as you can. Please don’t wait out these serious feelings, you deserve help! Speaking to someone until you feel calmer / in a better place can save your life. If you are locationally close to someone you trust, I urge you to ignore any thoughts of why you shouldn’t tell anyone and force yourself to be accompanied by someone AT ALL TIMES. If it gets impossibly difficult, please get yourself to an emergency room. There is NO shame. You’re NOT wasting time. They are there for YOU just as with any other persons’ pain/illness! I made these mistakes and I truly regret it. What you feel right now is NOT permanent!

7 Cups of Tea

This is not a suicide hotline or crisis centre. If you need someone to talk to and are not in any imminent danger to yourself or others, this free service provides a safe and anonymous way to get things off your chest. The verified ‘Listeners’, as they’re called, have received enough training to be supportive and understanding. They are not therapists, social workers, psychologists or psychiatrists but they can be very helpful for you to get out the things that you don’t want / can’t share with the people around you. I became a verified listener and did an internship with this program and truly respect its concept.