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Intro to my Feel-Good, Motivational and Adorable-ness Corner!

A little bit about my babies

Feel-Good, Motivational and Adorable-ness Corner!

Who doesn’t need something to brighten up their day? I know I do! Thankfully, I’m extremely lucky enough to have my 2 miracle puppies! (They will always be puppies in my mind even though one is a year old and the other is 3.) I also love my little puff ball of a hamster.

We found Piko in the pet shop where we bought food for our beloved gecko Kakki, who has since passed away. We weren’t looking for a puppy, that’s for sure, but I love dogs and enjoy looking at the back of the store to see the new cuties. Piko and I looked at each other and simply fell in love. I showed my Dad, who instantly fell in love too. That night we had a family discussion about this 3 month old white and brown wonder! I had just been released from my first stay in a mental hospital due to a serious suicide attempt and my parents agreed that it would be the perfect time for me to spend time with what would be my first ever dog. The following day I woke up with a level of excitement and happiness that I had all but forgotten I could feel. We carried this tiny, slightly chubby puppy to the car where he proceeded to sleep in between the arm rest and the shifter. When he first walked through the tall grass at home, he kept losing his balance and tumbling over…it was the most adorable thing ever! In the years since, he has transformed into the most loyal, protective and intelligent dog. His vocabulary is very large, he enjoys belly rubs, listens incredibly well and has a tender side despite his seriousness. I should probably mention that he’s a Jack Chi, meaning Jack Russel and Chihuahua. He has very little Chihuahua in him and the only way you can tell is his occasional shaking and curled tail. Otherwise he is a bold hunter who catches squirrels, mice, moles, frogs and snakes. He also chases deer, groundhogs and unfortunately, porcupines.

Now I must write about my baby; my tiny adorable princess that warms my heart and makes me feel like somehow everything will turn out ok. Before you think I’m referring to an actual child, let me just say that there’s absolutely no way I’d be ready for that and I’m talking about my Yorkshire Terrier Toy named Mia. I’ve only had her for 5 months but she brings me such joy. The way we met is an interesting albeit initially sad story that turned into a very happy ending! On a typical day with me shrouded in storm clouds as usual, I was with my Dad in the car. He braked and pulled over quickly because he saw a tiny dog on the road that narrowly missed the wheels of TWO CARS. I immediately got out and called to the lost and confused puppy. She came to me right away and I brought her into the car. She had no collar, looked scruffy, really skinny, somewhat muddy and was extremely nervous and shaky. I held her as we drove home. We cleaned her up and made her warm which seemed to help as her shaking stopped. The thing is, I adore nature and animals. Especially dogs. So the moment I scooped her up and looked into her soulful brown eyes, she had me wrapped around her pinkie. (Or should I say teeny tiny paw?). There was something extremely and uniquely special about her. She appeared to trust me despite her obvious fear and I vowed from that moment that I would do everything to keep her safe and happy. I was hurt and angered by the idea that she looked abandoned on the side of the road. I couldn’t imagine how someone could be so cruel. Chris (my fiancé) and I took care of her where we live together and went to a pet shop with her to make sure she wasn’t sick. We also picked up dog supplies and named her Mia. Two days later, the pet shop called with the number of a person who had called asking about a their missing dog that matched Mia’s description. My heart sank to the floor and shattered. We brought her back to the persons’ house with me in tears. I was happy to reunite them because I knew how heartbroken I would be if it was Piko, but nevertheless i could barely hold it together. The rest of my day was hollow, lifeless. All I could think about was precious little Mia and that she was back in a place that suggested a lack of love and the potential for some abuse which would explain her cowering. Of course I didn’t want to judge, but the possibility was tremendously hard to take. By the evening I had decided that there was nothing to lose so I might as well ask if they were willing to sell her. The next day, that’s exactly what I did. The owner was playing a lot of reticence but called me back in not too long. The money was clearly appealing. Miraculously, the deal went through and Mia became ours. The gratitude that washed over me was tremendous. Ever since then her character has been emerging. She is a little finicky, quite the princess and definitely headstrong. But Mia is also incredibly loving, affectionate, curious, excitable, playful and smart. the whole family adores her. Oh and of course she’s gotta be the most adorable thing in this entire world!

So you see, I feel incredibly privileged to be partners wth two amazing dogs! Piko is more of a family dog, who stays with my parents and has a special bond with my Dad. Mia is really my personal baby who goes between my home with my parents and the loft with my fiancé. Either way, our connection is the deepest even though she is truly loved by everyone, including friends. To meet and see her is to love her. Let’s just say that when I go back to the loft my Mom pretends to steal her away…haha!

My point with this section is to frequently add feel-good images of my babies, as well as other happy and encouraging things I come across as well as those I write myself. As I said, I think we all need more cuteness and nature’s purity in our lives. I simply want to bring a smile to your face, as they do for me. Enjoy!

Adorable animals + Motivation + Feel-Good = A teaspoon of happiness!

What's YOUR take?