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For Ashley of Mental Health @ Home

This blog is dedicated to an incredibly strong person who I great admire. Ashley is the creator of Mental Health @ Home and helped so many people with her blogging and books.

Yesterday I was shocked to learn from Ashley’s family that she tragically passed away on October 9th. Ashley finally succumbed to the deep depression she’d been suffering from for many years. The strength, compassion and courage Ashley brought to every blog has been a tremendous inspiration. It’s difficult not to hate the world for taking such a good person who tried her best to help others.

I can only hope that Ashley is now getting the peace of mind she deserves, despite not being able to find that comfort while still with us. She fought long and hard, and even under these tragic circumstances, can never be considered a coward. I pray that like me, Ashley’s readers will remember her fortitude, her humour and of course, her wisdom. Ashley was the kind of blogger who wanted others to make it. She supported my writing and took the time to review my book. She knew that I was practically invisible but wanted to help…knowing she would gain nothing in return. That’s the kind of person she was.

I didn’t know Ashley well so I can’t even imagine how her family and friends feel. My heart goes out to them in this unimaginably difficult time.

Even though Ashley is no longer with us, I hope that her writing will live on and continue to help others, as was her passion.

Rest In Peace Ashley, we will remember you.

Mental Health @ Home

4 thoughts on “For Ashley of Mental Health @ Home”

  1. I will so miss Ashley greatly after knowing her a good number of years. I was so devastated to read yesterday morning of hearing of her passing. A lovely post you have written that is so true about Ashley.
    There is big hole in my life right now, which I know will be felt by the blogging community that know her. X

    1. I’m really sorry that it hits so close to home for you. I hope things will get easier, for you and for everyone else who was close to her. You’re so right that her loss will be felt across the blogging community. I still can’t believe it and there’s a sense of guilt from having survived suicide while knowing she did not.

      1. Thank you Karina.
        I just woke up this morning feeling tearful and numb. Wishing it just wasn’t true.
        Hugs to you.

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