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Hi everyone … I’m writing this after my first full day at home as a free woman. That’s right, I’m out of the psych ward and actually feeling pretty empowered! Yesterday I woke up excited and having trouble containing that energy. I was alone trying to stay busy with solitaire until Aaron came and we waited together for my psychiatrist to arrive. Thankfully I was the first patient he saw. We talked, I asked him to request an extension of my two classes for medical reasons, he wrote a prescription and there we go!

Aaron helped me collect and pack all my things and we left. I got my car key back and that alone made me super happy! I also did what I’d promised to do after getting out which was a nice pumpkin spice cold brew on the drive home. My parents and I had a happy evening and it was heartwarming to sleep with my little Muffin again. I missed her so much! Today too was really great and productive. My mom and I did groceries and then I spent a long time washing and vacuuming the inside of my car. It feels good to take care of it-especially after finally getting it back. Then I figured I should do homework. Oh yeah! My extension was approved… I’m super grateful! So I got a little overwhelmed but broke down my essay into organized chunks and made a lot of headway. Again – super grateful!

All in all I’m feeling really good about being out. I’m staying busy and I feel motivated. My plan is to balance my days, maintain a healthy routine and keep making progress. It feels good to be back on Vyvanse by the way; it’ll help me focus.

That’s all for now… I just wanted to share the happy news. Despite not wanting to be there at first, my 33 days in the psych ward were far more healing than my two previous crisis centre stays. I’m happy to say that I made a lot of progress and though I know rough times will come, I feel better equiped to handle them.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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