Feel-Good Corner- Group 1

Welcome to my first group of animal, nature and inspiration photos! I hope they add even a tiny bit of happiness to your day.

Piko on his first day at home! What a happy puppy!
Mia looking irresistibly adorable and ready for anything!
Tempest the little puff ball doing what she does best-munching away!
Piko’s first time in the car…the shifter is almost larger than his perfect little head!
A sleepy but ever watchful little puppy who will spring up at any moment if adventure is involved!
The beauty of nature; beyond anything humans can fabricate. Hold on to that sun, because the fog is only temporary and adds to the tapestry of your life.
You are a significant part of nature’s beauty! Be as weightless as the floating clouds and as calm as the tranquil waters. Stand tall and strong like the mighty trees but as soft and gentle as the grassy shore and view your reflection in the accuracy of nature’s unrippled mirror.
Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com