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Happy Thanksgiving – Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I know first hand how difficult it can be to be grateful when feeling depressed and the like, but I try to maintain my gratitude all year long anyway. I also really believe in having a grateful mindset and believe in the saying that; “The more we are grateful the more we have to be grateful for.” I personally don’t see it as me sending out gratitude so that more good things come my way; I see it as a frame of mind / attitude that makes me recognize the good things even while bad things are happening / I’m feeling really bad. Then since I’m in the habit of perceiving the world with gratitude I notice more things that I might have normally taken for granted. It’s like a cycle that turns into a habit and makes me generally happier because it’s a healthy and positive behaviour. I have tried to remind myself to be grateful even when I have no faith or hope whatsoever.

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Here’s my message of gratitude and I encourage you to take the time to look for the positives in your life too. Big and small, they are all incredibly important!

I am very grateful that I have had more to be grateful for this past year. I am grateful that I got through the pain of the lowest point of my eating disorder and came home in time for Christmas. I’m grateful that I survived my worst suicide attempt in March and made the decision to live a couple months later during that particularly bad episode of self-harm. I am also super grateful for the miracle of encountering Mia on the road, how much healthier she is and how special our relationship is, as well as our amazing doggo Piko! I am grateful for the strength it took to publish the first part of my journal which was really a major piece of my soul laid bare. In addition I’m so grateful for this blog and the new opportunity I was just offered to be a part of Bell Let’s Talk and to potentially be interviewed to encourage my fellow students at John Abbott College! Due to all of this and pursuing psychology I’ve found a deep meaning and purpose for my life which I am extremely grateful. I am far less lost than I’ve been for quite some time and finally recognize a reason for me to continue living! I also really appreciate the fact that I’m back in school even if I’m not taking many classes. Finally, I am everlastingly grateful for the continuous love, support, understanding and forgiveness from my entire family and for our health and happiness!

I also want to take the time to deeply thank the doctors and nurses who are risking their lives for us during this pandemic, for all the essential service workers, as well as everyone continuing their jobs to maintain our society! Thank you to those who are following the safety recommendations and new rules, as opposed to those who are selfish and disrespecting the lives of those of us who are trying to be part of the solution. I send everyone positivity, safety, encouragement and hope in this particularly difficult time! My words can’t change anything, but I really am thinking of all of you.

Once again…Happy Thanksgiving!

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