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Happy Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone, happy Valentine’s Day! I’m happy to be writing again. Life is busy as always but I shouldn’t complain; there are some very cool things going on for me that are picking up momentum.

I would have laughed if you told me I’d willingly take on endeavours requiring public speaking…and yet that’s what’s happening! It’s difficult but with Mia by my side or in my arms, I’ve been getting through it bit by bit. The classroom has a fair number of humans and the number of eyes is pretty intimidating. It’s a good group though and being at the adult Ed centre is providing me with important experience in the realm that I’m passionate about.

I’ve been preparing a presentation and activity for Valentines Day and we’ll see how it goes. I recorded the self-love video to be played in class later since I know it’s too long to say live without freaking out. After the video I have heart cut-outs for students to write themselves a Valentine. I hope people will enjoy the video and activity. In a few days there’s a game that we’ll play that goes with this.

I also signed up for a Mental Health First Aid course last week with the Mental Health Commission of Canada. I completed Module 1 online and tomorrow will be an all-day intensive zoom class for Module 2 and 3. I’m really excited!

There’s another possibility on the horizon that I’m really hoping with work out but I’m keeping it a surprise for now.

My last piece of news today is that I’m done book 1 of my chemistry class and did the theory and lab exam. My combined average is 85% which isn’t incredible but still pretty good. I’m quite relieved!

That’s all for now, but here’s the link to my video. I hope you can find the time to check it out and share your thoughts.

Once again, Happy Valentine’s Day…Send YOURSELF a Valentine this year!

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