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How’s Life?

Hey guys, happy Tuesday! How’s life? Seriously, I’d like to know.

I’ve been having a hard time getting a chance to write which is really disappointing and I’m sorry. I did however have some time to make these two clips for you! Check it out, I’d love to hear what you think. I also wrote a poem about living with Bipolar. It’s really not the best and I struggle with poetry but can you relate? Have you ever composed something thinking at the time that it’s really great only to reread it and sort of cringe? That’s kind of how I feel about this one but it does reflect how I feel which is art, right?

Dear Bipolar

I want to whisper in your ear

Dear bipolar why are you here,

I don’t know when or why,

I’m stuck despite what I try,

I’m as high as the sky

And there’s so much I want to buy,

You give me goals and ambition 

Despite my usual condition,

I talk a storm 

And feel reborn,

I speak so loud

And shed my shroud,

All is exciting

And so very inviting,

You play with my vanity 

And make me question my sanity 

In this I want to stay

Yet you always betray,

Because the fun doesn’t last

And it slips to the past,

I feel on top of the world

Then into the depths I am hurled,

The paradise is lost

And at quite a cost,

I’m no longer me 

And darkness is all I see,

You blend with anxiety

For terrible variety,

Or make me empty

And often testy,

Am I a toy 

In your employ,

There to amuse 

But always lose,

I am no match

Because we’re attached,

So all I can say 

With much dismay,

Is that you make me feel 

Like a third wheel, 

Not just a friend excluded

My mind where you rudely intruded,

You and my mind

Leave me behind,

Because it’s you who decide

Where I reside

Today she’ll be blue 

And tomorrow feel new,

We’ll bring her up

Without a heads up,

Then slam her down

And remove her crown 

Please let me be

Whoever is me, 

Because if I know one thing 

It’s that I’m on a string 

How do I know what’s real 

When you choose how I feel

You’ve taken control 

And I’m in a hole, 

Let me discover 

And fully recover,

To find who is me

And what I want to be 

A Clip of My Muffin

I just have to share her adorable face…I think it’ll make you smile!

3 thoughts on “How’s Life?”

    1. Thanks Ashley! I found an app and I’m kind of tripping on it haha. Mia really is…I leave for 5 minutes and when I see her again her sweet-adorableness just hits me all over again. ❤️

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