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Interactive Thought Journal

Hey there, as you know I’m a strong advocate of remaining grateful even in the toughest of times! (I know…really effing hard isn’t it?) But, I had the idea of an interactive page where we add things that we’re grateful for as we go. But why stop there? What if we also have a section on things that make us feel better as well as a section about one good thing and one bad thing that happened during our day? To me this could help us by hearing what works for others and can perhaps try them out for ourselves! Not only that, sharing the good and bad of our day can really be comforting because in my experience it makes me feel far less alone; I feel that people understand/relate. So if you think this could be helpful for you, I encourage you to write a comment along with the category you’re choosing to add to. I’ll check all the comments on a daily basis and add them to this page under each section. If a comment is similar to something already mentioned, post it anyway!

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Why do this?

  • To start a form of journaling in real time without having to write much and invest a lot of time into it.
  • To hear from other people in similar situations.
  • To build the habit of maintaining a grateful outlook despite all.
  • To get tips on helpful, positive activities.

*I did real examples for each exercise, and the good/bad section refers to different days.

What Am I Grateful For?

  • The health of my family
  • Mia and Piko, our incredible doggos, and Tempest the puff-ball hamster)
  • Living in a country with healthcare for all, especially in such a turbulent time

What Makes Me Feel Better?

  • Going for a walk with Mia and Piko.
  • Target practice with my bow and arrow
  • Colouring mandalas
  • Writing
  • Playing outside with my son in the back yard when the weather is good

One Good Thing – One Bad Thing

Had an argument with my fiancéWent to an animal café with him and Mia
Felt overwhelmed, discouraged and angry with school, a lot of cryingSpoke to my kind ‘contact person’ in the Access Centre at school who supported me

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