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Mental Health and The Good Deed Challenge

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well and safe! today I wanted to share a personal challenge that could benefit us all: The Good Deed Challenge!

The Good Deed Challenge for Mental Health
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Part 1

I started this last week with the plan of doing one or two good deeds each day. The beauty lies in that the deeds don’t have to be large…the point is to practice small and selfless acts. The only requirement is that the deed isn’t done with the expectation of something in return. That would kind of defeat the purpose! If you do get something in return, that’s ok. In fact that brings me to Part 2 of the challenge.

Part 2

Part 2 involves developing an awareness for good deeds that are done for you. This can be difficult to notice sometimes because we understandably get caught up in the rush of our own lives. However I encourage us all to slow down the pace a little and take note of these small and often overlooked acts of kindness. Literally- I recommend writing them down as you record your own daily good deed(s). The last step of Part 2 is to thank the person for what they’ve done for you, no matter how small.

The Benefits

This exercise is small and simple but I feel like it’s a tiny step in the direction of making the world a kinder place. Even though it may not seem to make a huge impact in the grand scheme of things, I think it can add kindness to our own lives and the lives of those we encounter. It’s not difficult to feel helpless and discouraged in the face of our often cruel world, but a tiny personal change has the power to alter our inner reality. Honestly sometimes that’s the only thing we CAN change so I think it might be beneficial to focus on those aspects rather than dwell on what makes us feel powerless. That’s a lesson I’m trying to learn.

I also think that this challenge can help us realize that if the kindness we show others is deserved, so too is the kindness WE receive from others. Perhaps it can also illuminate some positivity. A kinder reality is a brighter one.

I’d love to hear YOUR take in the comments on this Mental Health Good Deed Challenge! Are you up for it?

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