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Mental Health Awareness Month Progress

Hi everyone! I’m feeling quite a few emotions at once! I was hired yesterday for the job at the pet store which is amazing; I’m so so happy! I start next Tuesday for training which is very exciting. In just a few hours I have my last exam of the semester; Advanced Quantitative Methods. Am I anxious? Yes. Have I been overwhelmed and taking Clonazepam to stop the electric pain in my hands, the knots in my stomach and my racing thoughts? Also yes. But I’m talking to myself with positive affirmations: “I can do this. I’m prepared. Things always seem worse to me beforehand but they go much better than I imagine. Once this is done I will have completed two years of college. I’m moving forward with my life and I’m better than I think.” You get the idea.

I’m also incredibly thrilled because our Mental Health Awareness Month initiative is going even better than I thought. We’ve attained 404 likes out of 500 and there are still 6 days to go! There have also been a lot of excellent comments answering my question: What do you wish people understood about mental illness? If you have any thoughts please write in the comments or check out my Instagram.

To keep you updated I wanted to post my latest activity.

Love Anchor
Mia Puppy Dog

I also did some artwork on various mental disorders as tribute to sufferers around the world:

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Eating disorder
White and yellow flower

Happy Wednesday everyone … I send love, courage and positive energy your way!

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