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Mental Health Awareness Month

Hi everyone! This is a very important month for us…for those going through mental illness, those with loved ones or friends struggling with it and for everyone else who needs to become aware of mental health issues. Mental Health Awareness Month is something that should be taken seriously by everybody and so I’ve decided on a call to action. 

For every article and Instagram post in May I will be counting the likes to compile a solidarity post at the end of the month. I ask of you to comment one thing you wish people would understand about mental illness. I will then make a post with them on Instagram and my blog on behalf of all of us struggling with mental illness! My goal is to reach 1000 likes and to have as many comments as possible. It takes one minute of your day but it will be invaluable for everyone who feels misunderstood and alone. Please, let us stand in solidarity! We’re in this together.

This is the link to my Instagram post for this awareness initiative:

Mental Health Awareness Month

Thank you so much in advance for your support!

1 thought on “Mental Health Awareness Month”

  1. I feel as though people should be more empathetic to the struggles of people facing mental illness and also the people around them. It’s not the person’s fault and it can affect anyone.

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