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Feel-Good Corner

Mental Health Distraction Boardgame

Hi! I don’t have a long post today but I had an idea for a mental health boardgame to help find distractions. When I feel empty, depressed or otherwise bad, I find it difficult to even just choose something else to change my focus. I want to of course, but nothing sounds good to me because I’m super pessimistic. This gave me the idea to create a quick game to facilitate making a choice when I feel super indecisive. It’s very simple: All you need is the pdf I created (feel free to make your own with choices that work best for YOU), and 2 dice.

The next time you feel lost but nothing sounds good, commit to rolling the dice and doing whatever it says on the square that you land on. Don’t overthink it, just do it unless it’s impractical in the moment. You can roll again if it really doesn’t interest you, but do your best to jump into the exercise. Sometimes it takes a bit of a push to get moving, and I think this could help me stop with my analysis paralysis! I really hope it can help you too!

Take care everyone, and see you soon!

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