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Mental Health Motivation and Awareness

Hi everyone, happy weekend! I want to share the posts I’ve put up for Mental Health Awareness Month so far. I hope you find them motivating, encouraging and insightful. If so, I would really appreciate a like and/or comment for my initiative this month.

If you missed it I’m doing a little campaign with the goal of reaching 500 likes towards the cause. (It was 1000 originally but I’ve decided to be a little more realistic.) My other goal is to have as many comments as possible answering the question: “What do you wish people understood about mental illness?” I would love to hear your take even if you haven’t been touched by mental illness; every opinion matters and I would love to include your thoughts. On June first I will be sending a special article and post containing what we’ve achieved this month. (The number of likes and all the comments.) This is a small project in light of the humongous cause but your support means everything to me.

1 thought on “Mental Health Motivation and Awareness”

  1. I wish people would understand that mental illness isn’t because the person is weak, lazy or making excuses.

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