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Mental Health Motivational Artwork

Hi guys! I hope the week has started well for you all! It’s always a bit of an adjustment to get back in the flow after a holiday – speaking for myself anyway. I thought I’d do a little artwork catch-up because I’ve been posting new work on Instagram but haven’t explained their meaning in our art gallery. Here we go!

Universal Headspace:

I drew this because I was thinking about embracing our connection with the universe and its energy. I take the universe to represent life stripped down to its true value. It symbolizes releasing unwanted pressure; the pretence, the expectations, the multiple personas we take to adapt and survive in the world. We have the energy of the universe within and we need only learn how to tap into it. This is why light emanates from the persons’ head. It illustrates a peaceful surrender to what is much larger than us. It is at once a demonstration of open-mindedness, faith and curiosity. An unveiling of our true selves.


For this drawing I was thinking of some key components to mental health and thought of making a compass that acts as a guide when we need help finding our way. The needle is like a self-evaluation tool indicating what we need more of in our lives. Love of course is perhaps the greatest fulfillment. Gratitude is grounding, lifts our spirits and allows us some perspective. Determination is a quality that all of our dreams require to become a reality. Healing, recovery and growth all necessitate it. Fun is pure, childlike pleasure that keeps us young at heart and calm is the state in which the most wonderful things can be accomplished. Nature is us and we are nature. Straying from this can make us feel unbalanced and disconnected. Then there’s forgiveness; a big one that’s easy to overlook. Without the capacity to forgive ourselves and others it’s very difficult to truly love. It also builds up resentment, anger, guilt and many other uncomfortable states. Compassion for ourselves and others keeps us human and feeling; it bridges gaps and replaces them with connection, mutual support and understanding. Hope truly does ‘anchor the soul’. It’s an internal light that allows us to push forwards even in times of darkness. Finally we have spirituality/faith, in whatever form we take it to have. It too gives us strength and courage in rough waters.

The Ship of Destiny:

I made this clay ship to symbolize personal power and direction. Sometimes we may be lost in a stormy sea, seemingly adrift. However we have the power to harness the wind in our sails and steer towards our own destiny. I don’t believe we are entirely powerless, even when it can really seem like it. A ship is also an excellent allegory for life. We begin our journey new and inexperienced but as we encounter the elements we grow and become ‘weathered’ from experience. Our ship has faced many conditions and survived. It’s true that we sometimes need to bring our ship to port for repairs, (and accepting the help of others) but we can always set sail once again.

Have a great week everyone, I’ll be back soon!

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