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Mental Illness Poetry

Hi guys, it’s the middle of the week and next week is March break. That went fast! I think we could all use a break…

Today I’d like to post a poem I recently wrote along with my latest drawings. I feel quite preoccupied lately even while I’ve been in a better mood so I wanted to switch things up. I’m very new at poetry though but here goes nothing…

To Whom it May Concern

I feel your judgmental stare,

And yet I’m the one not supposed to care

According to you I’m an open book,

But do you want a closer look?

Maybe if you asked a real question,

You’d get a more truthful impression 

Go ahead and think me weak, 

But don’t ask me why I never speak 

If you do actually care,

Please acknowledge our despair

You may think you know a lot,

But our inner thoughts you do not

What a tragedy you later say, 

But did you hear that we’re not ok?

So please reach out a lending hand,

Don’t leave us alone in the quicksand

You may think it won’t touch you,

But I assure you that’s not true

So go on and shame me,

When it’s your turn you’ll truly see

I will not be my mental illness,

And I don’t ask your forgiveness

If you’re so perfect let me ask you this,

Have you ever stood on the precipice?

Rising From the Ashes

Perhaps it’s not unexpected that the phoenix is a significant icon for me…after all it symbolizes rebirth and renewal; everything I’m striving to achieve. The phoenix to me is strong, ethereal and represents the constant ability to ‘renovate’ ourselves. We are, as I always say, far from stagnant! We also wield more power that we allow ourselves and this mythical creature is an embodiment of it. The phoenix is not real however the ideology truly is…keeping it in mind is a powerful reminder that though we are not immortal our spirits are nonetheless limitless in their capacity for growth.

Phoenix rising from the ashes

The Ouroborus

Sticking with the same theme, I drew an ouroborus; the snake / dragon eating its own tail. It has the additional meaning for me that some negative patterns become a circle with no beginning or end, trapping one into a vicious cycle in which it is difficult to break free.

Have a wonderful remainder of the week, and don’t forget, I’d love to receive some guest artwork to put up in the gallery!

What's YOUR take?