Feel-Good Corner

Happy Holidays!

Good Morning everyone…Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays!

It’s a very different Holiday this year and I send empathy and compassionate energy to those who have lost a loved one. My words can do nothing to reverse the cause of your pain, and words seem utterly useless in these times. Still, I just want to say that I wish all could be taken back. I wish the World wasn’t in the state it is and I wish the pain of loss was something we don’t experience in life. I wish we weren’t in a Global pandemic and that this were a regular year. I can only hope that time and love from those around you can help you heal.

I don’t want to get all preachy and sentimental, so I hope this isn’t going to come across that way. This Holiday will be different..but it can still be what we make it. At work I wished many many customers a Happy Holiday; I noticed that over half the times the spirit seemed gone when they wished me the same. What happiness is there to celebrate today?

If this morning is finding you low, remember the excitement of a child…perhaps you in the past. Children will still find pleasure this year and that’s a blessing and gift! They won’t be thinking our complex adult thoughts and will be bubbling with fantasy. Santa Claus just passed, right? If we stay safe but shape this Holiday into what we want it to be, we can let the best parts of Christmas remain untainted. It’s a time to enjoy and appreciate what we have and to partake in the wintery magic. We may be separated by distance, but the love we have for each other remains unbreakable and as tight as ever. Zoom, Facetime, phone calls…we’ve found every possible way to remain connected in modern times. We are adaptable, inventive, innovative‚Ķand we will make it through this! It may not be the same, but it can still be special. It’s a unique time of year and we very much deserve to enjoy the moment in these challenging times.

I wish everyone a safe and Wonderful Holiday period! By staying safe now we are greatening out chances of a brighter New Year.

What's YOUR take?