Feel-Good Corner

Motivational Messages and Cuteness Overload

The motivation a perfect snapshot of nature can inspire you with!
You are a beautiful part of nature and reflect its many characteristics. Glow bright and confident like these clouds and stand as tall and strong as the mighty trees. See your true reflection in nature’s undistorted mirror and be as soft and gentle as the bed of grass. Do not reject your own ‘nature’, as it is precious and to be cherished!

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com
Beautiful, sturdy and long lasting, this structure and how it remains standing is truly motivational!
This ancient and significant structure remains standing after a phenomenal number of years past its creation. Imagine what it has survived! How? Because its foundation is strong and it has a group of pillars to support the weight that one alone could not. Try not to reject help from the well-meaning. And if you feel needy for requesting help, remember that it may eventually be their pillar or someone else’s that needs help from yours.

Photo by Josiah Lewis on Pexels.com
Just raindrops? Or a metaphor for wiping distortions away and viewing things with calm clarity?
It’s difficult to know and understand what we can’t see. These droplets distort our view as our struggles do. We may try to wipe the window from our side, but in many cases we must change our perspective and wipe the window from the side that CAN be cleared. Then we have the gift of insight and can look through the window with greater clarity.

Photo by Ave Calvar Martinez on Pexels.com

Cuteness Overload

A tiny princess back from the groomers!
Mia was tired after her scary grooming experience at the pet store! If you’re wondering about the bow and bandana, they do that every time and I only kept in on the show my Mom since thinks Mia would look adorable with it. (I felt sorry for Mia.)
Adorable Terrier that gives me a cuteness overload!
She made it clear that forgiveness could only be accepted if we bribed her with her favourite foods. But I have to admit…this is a perfect example of cuteness overload!
A priceless look on my baby's teddy bear face! Cuteness overload!
Not sure if she’s planning to kill us in our sleep but….I’ve gotta admit she wears the pink as well as a dog can!
Cute little hamster fluff ball / pom-pom enjoying her simple tunnel!
Tempest really likes her paper towel roll tunnels. ‘Peak-a-boo!’
Amazing shot of predator and prey eating peacefully from the same plate! Motivation that anything is possible.
Piko is the most loyal and trustworthy…it didn’t take very long for him to get used to Tempest and one careful step at a time left us with them eating out of the same plate! Predator + Prey being raised as a family!

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