scenic view of snow capped mountains from across the rocky seashore
My Take

Optimistic? Pessimistic? Realistic?

‘Maybe we all need glasses’-A short story

Optimistic pessimistic or realistic? How do YOU view this slice of life?
Are you the pessimistic storm clouds and rough waters, or the optimistic sunshine breaking through the clouds and illuminating a beautiful peak? How about the realistic combination of all working together and changing in harmony?

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In a world where everyone had a different monocle from which they viewed the world, there was a woman named Kira with a magical pair of glasses. They allowed her to see the world as it truly is, and it included ALL the monocle perspectives. Word got around about her special glasses so she was approached by those who wanted to try them on. The first man said, “Can I try on your glasses? I heard they’re very special.” “I don’t know,” Kira replied with trepidation. “You may not like what you see.” “I can take it,” the man insists with bravado. “Ok,” she says as she hands over the glasses. The man tries them on but takes them off immediately. “I can’t. I didn’t want to see that! What is this anyway?” “What were you expecting?” Kira asks. “I don’t know…but not this.” The man walks away, shaken by his experience. Then a woman walks up and humbly asks Kira if she can try on her magical glasses. “Why do you want to try them on? What do you expect to see?” Kira asks. “I have no expectations, I would simply appreciate some answers. I want to truly see,” she replies. Kira hands the inquisitive woman her pair of glasses. She puts them on, and keeps them on. The woman both cries and smiles, and whispers a thank you. “You can keep them. I’ve already seen what I need. I only ask one thing… share them with the world. Humanity needs them”. 

What's YOUR take?