Feel-Good Corner

Photo Pet Therapy and Happiness Boost

Adorable puppy-Pet Therapy and Happiness Boost!
Piko on his first day at home! What a happy puppy!
Happy Terrier with her fur grown out. Looks like a living teddy bear!
Mia looking irresistibly adorable!
Tiny hamster munching on a snack
Tempest the little puff ball doing what she does best-munching away!
Insanely cute, sleepy puppy on his way to his new home! Photo pet therapy!
Piko’s first time in the car…the shifter is almost larger than his perfect little head!
Tiny watchful puppy- Photo Pet Therapy!
A sleepy but ever watchful little puppy who will spring up at any moment if adventure is involved!
The beauty of nature-motivation and happiness
The beauty of nature; beyond anything humans can fabricate. Hold on to that sun, because the fog is only temporary and adds to the tapestry of your life.

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