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Remembrance Day 2021

Today I want to reflect on the past, as it deserves our attention. The fighters of freedom deserve our remembrance. Not just for their sacrifice, but for what they stood for. How they were standing for something I believe all of us should; not accepting acts of crimes against humanity, of genocide, war crimes…anything of the sort, with or without a name.

While we respect those who fought in the past, we can also look towards the present and the future. Hold close the goal of catching such acts of horror early; of acting quickly, of acting with unity. Unity brought success in the past and it’s our strongest ally to this day. Unity is key to demonstrating respect and perpetuating the legacy.

Today we remember the named and the nameless, the young and the old. Those lost and those who survived. The wives, the husbands, the children, the siblings and the friends. We also honour those who continue to fight, even if it’s not always on a battlefield. Today we recognize and validate Post Traumatic Stress and all other mental illnesses suffered by soldiers. We stand against the stigma they so undeservedly encountered.

Today I remember and I say thank you. I also thank two Secondary 5 teachers who broadened my mind on the subject in a very special course…one that brought us to Europe and certain locations central to World War 2. I thank my current teacher of ‘Complex Emergencies’ where I’m learning about acts of violence, of war, politics, discourse and so much more. It’s a subject I wish everyone could learn.

Thank you.

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  1. I was once married to someone in the Army that went through Iraq and Afghanistan. Unfortunately, our marriage didn’t work out. But as a former Army wife, it really opened my eyes up to Veterans Day and what it truly means.

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