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The COVID Blues

Guess what gang? I caught COVID. Yup – after over two years of thankfully dodging each wave, it grabbed my butt when I least expected it. It’s never a good time to be sick, especially with COVID, but seriously? It couldn’t have waited just a few more weeks until my exams where done?

I guess life has a way of slowing us down whether we like it or not. Just maybe…this forced down time is preventing another crisis. I was losing my mind before I got sick. Between work, school and other tasks, I had almost no time for myself. The driving alone (which I normally love), was draining. The stress I was carrying made sleep not very restful and I had some nights that were too late for my early mornings. I felt like I was going to fall asleep at the wheel which is obviously really bad. I was napping in my car before class when I got to school early and chemistry seemed so much harder than usual. Still, I was pushing through practice exams, trying to be ready in time to do the real deal before the Holidays. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen now. I suppose I’ll be able to prepare better over the break though.

Even though I’m trying to see the positive side that I mentioned above, some more time has elapsed and I’m experiencing the lingering pleasures of COVID. I did a shift at work and despite it only being 3 hours long, it was very long and utterly draining. Lifting feed bags left me weak and out of breath. I’ve also returned to school and there’s almost no point to going other than achieving ticks on my attendance record. My teacher and 2 administrators have said that I should go home. I’m doing about 3 questions per hour and today I arrived an hour and a half late because it took me that long to get up and ready. I feel lazy and pathetic everywhere I go because energy is a thing of the past. I HATE this so much you have no idea. Actually if you’ve been a reader for a while, you probably get it. I need to move. Get things done. Go karting. NONE of that is happening. I’m also whiny. (Maybe you noticed that too.) It’s putting me in a bad mood and combined with not smoking…hahaha. It’s not pretty. All my body wants to do is sleep and it’s driving me nuts! I want to do so much more than I’m currently able, which was already the case with my mental status. I had to be careful and now I have to be doubly so!

Unfortunately I didn’t know I had COVID when I was with my fiancé, so I transmitted it to him. We had so much fun suffering and trying to take care of each other. (Major sarcasm!) He too is experiencing lingering effects but went to work today anyway. I greatly admire the courage he has to do his 12 hour shifts!

Seek the Positives

On the plus side again, (because I want to end this blog on a positive note), my parents didn’t catch COVID. Aaron and I isolated so they were safe. I’m also 3 weeks free of smoking which makes me proud at least. Then my Unemployment Insurance came through after about 6 months of bureaucratic crap! I desperately needed it and much more, so thank goodness for the leg-up. Oh and lastly, boredom gave me the impetus to try out black nails. I don’t know why but I thought they would suit me so I said f*ck it. (I don’t even do stuff with my nails normally.) What do you think?

Black nail polish
Black nail polish

This is all I can manage to write today, so I’m sorry. I hope to write something meaningful soon.

If you caught COVID, how is it treating you? Do you still have after-effects? What helps?

What's YOUR take?