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The Love and Power of a Dog

Today is an incredibly precious day for Mia-Muffin and I; March 16th marks our 2 year anniversary! Instead of writing about her, this year I want to write to her. Maybe I’m silly, but I’ll be reading the tribute I’m sharing with you to my little Muff. This blog is me planning my speech to her haha. Kidding aside, the reason I’m sharing it is to demonstrate the power of animal companions, particularly the sweet soul of a dog.

Dear Mia,

I remember the moment I saw you on the road…wet, shaking and afraid. I knew from that moment that my job was to protect you and to make you happy. I love you more than you’ll ever know or understand. Life from your eyes must be such an interesting thing that I can’t begin to comprehend either. I just hope that I’m a good enough human pet to you that my love, care and adoration is somehow sensed. You’re my best friend, my baby, and you make me smile in a way no one and nothing else can.

You’ll also never know that it’s you who saved me. We met at one of my hardest times; just 11 days after what I thought would be the end of my life. You’re my precious angel and miracle, helping me turn things right-side-up again. The bright enthusiasm you have for life inspires me every single day and without knowing it, you teach me how to be better: You instinctually practice self-care by playing and napping like a pro and you set boundaries amongst other dogs with your own language of barks. Most of all, you live in the moment and appreciate everything as it comes.

It’s a treasure to see you light up with excitement every time I come back, even if it’s only been 5 minutes. It’s the cutest thing in the world to see you jump for toys and roll around just to have fun – and when you wag your tail just because my hand is approaching to pet you…it makes my day.

You’ve changed my life in these past 2 years and I plan to cherish every single day with you. I’m so lucky that life brought us together and that you’re my Emotional Support Animal. You never fail to fill me with joy and so it makes sense that we’re training together to share your enormous love and affection with others.

You’ve come so far and thanks to you always being by my side, so have I. Dogs are sweet, loving companions but beyond that, you’re my dog, you have a clear spirit of your own and I am so, so proud of you Muffin!

So thank you for licking away my tears, sharing in my happiness and being my favourite coworker. I love you with all my heart and I look forward to our next adventures!


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